Blog / January 17, 2017

The Executive Leadership Council Recognizes Our 2016 ELC Ambassador Companies

The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) is committed to preparing the next generation of black corporate leaders. As we continue our work to expand the pipeline of black mid-level managers in 2017, we want to thank all of the companies that committed in 2016 to developing their mid-level talent by engaging them in our ELC Institute Leadership Programs.

We especially want to highlight the 30 companies on our 2016 ELC Ambassador Company List. This is a new program, launched in 2016, to recognize companies that demonstrate a significant commitment across each calendar year to developing mid-level black professionals, with the ultimate goal of expanding the pipeline of black executives. Click here to view the 2016 ELC Ambassador Company Directory.

The ELC and our Institute recognize that to identify, develop, and elevate the next generation of black executives, we must work collaboratively with companies that share a similar goal and are committed to investing in this talent pipeline. The ELC’s Institute works collaboratively with diversity and learning professionals from all backgrounds who serve as the champions for this common goal.

Companies interested in becoming part of The ELC Ambassador Program should send inquires to

2016 ELC Ambassador Companies