In the wake of the 2020 social justice movement, many corporations committed themselves to addressing social and economic inequity on a number of levels, including working more aggressively to add Black directors to their boards. While a number of studies highlight the advantages associated with diverse boards, identifying board-ready Black directors remains a challenge for many companies.

Fortunately, The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) has been working in this space for decades. The ELC’s sole mission is to facilitate Black professional’s achieving C-Suite positions and board directorships at Global 1000 and Fortune 500 companies. The ELC has over 800 members serving as CEOs and C-Suite executives from various industries and backgrounds ready to serve.


Join us in-person on December 10th from 1:00-6:00 pm ET in New York City to launch relationships, build networks, and intentionally design the future of your organization with diversity as a pillar. This event will include three 45-minute programs with optional attendance, while simultaneously allowing private meetings to take place with our board ready ELC Members. You will be able to schedule your meetings ahead of time or create them in the moment.

Let us leverage the talent we’ve been developing to your advantage.

The ELC’s Black Director’s Summit will bring together more than 200 of ELC’s board-ready members to meet with private equity and public corporate representatives for informal networking and structured interviews for potential board positions.