The last few years have been characterized by unprecedented change. The ways in which we work and live have been disrupted and redefined in ways that have been unexpected and extreme. We are still coming to grips with how we might operate on the other side of The Great Reset. We need new maps for this territory; maps that are informed—but not limited—by our past.

We need to embrace the fact that, as a result of these unprecedented times, we are history in the making—creating a new path for future Black men to follow.

Whether you believe that great leaders are born or that leaders are made as they acquire critical skills, one thing is clear: the leadership beliefs that got us here, might be insufficient to get us there. As Black Men in 2022, we need to reimagine leadership.

The Black Men in Leadership conference aims to accelerate the process of redefining leadership for these times and provide crucial conversations, networking, and resources to make that happen. This gathering of professional Black men will provide counterintuitive insights and strategies backed by the latest research highlighting the state of Black men in the workplace. Register for a transformative event designed for purpose driven male leaders who are committed to overcoming adversity and developing their mindset, skillset, and toolset.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Expand your professional network by connecting with other Black corporate professionals and entrepreneurs using our interactive, virtual networking tool. The 2021 Black Men in Leadership event had more than 1,000 registrants from 16 countries.
  • Accelerate your progress towards your professional goals with battle-tested insights, strategies and tactics presented by academics, thought leaders, and corporate titans. The 2021 Black Men in Leadership event featured Robert F. Smith, Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr., and Damon Jones among others.
  • Avoid career derailers by integrating the lessons successful Black professionals share in a candid and affirming “brave space”.
  • Prime yourself for new levels of success-oriented thinking by engaging in practical and inspirational conversations on topics centered on the Black experience


  • During this program participants will:
  • Increase emotional intelligence and ability to manage relationships to drive pathways to the c-suite
  • Explore creativity, ingenuity, and leadership of Black men
  • Identify ways to forecast, invest, and implement long-term strategy for building wealth
  • Practice techniques to build partnerships and identify commonalities leading to a cross-industry support system
  • Examine opportunities for investing in yourself by selflessly investing in others


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