Reimagining the Classics

Whether we are talking about literature, the arts, knowledge or individuals, the classics are the foundation of human creativity, power, and legitimacy. Classic literature is an expression of lives lived fully, truths tested, and beauty revealed. Classic individuals are iconic models of courage, talent and perseverance. Classic bodies of knowledge ground civilizations and form the launching pad for innovation.

There is power in studying the classics. By definition, the classics are the archetypes, precedents and blueprints on which our modern lives are based. To fully step into our present and future possibilities, we must name, accept and revere the classics of our pasts. By doing so we claim the legitimacy that is our legacy and birthright.

But the time has come to reimagine the classics.

What if this nation’s deepest thoughts, most vivid feelings and most compelling aspirations were epitomized by the creations of Black Americans? What if Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald were the standard against which all promising musicians were measured? What if we universally agreed the great “American novel” was defined by Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright? What if modern corporate executives drew their inspiration from Madam C. J. Walker and Jeremiah G. Hamilton? What if bell hooks and Cornell West were considered the mid-wives of American intellectual thought?

What if we reimagined the classics to not just include Black voices, themes, pioneers, and creatives… what if we reimagined the classics so that they were synonymous with Black voices, themes, pioneers and creatives? What would that mean for our present? Our future? Our legacy?

For the 2022 Mid-Level Managers’ Symposium, join The Executive Leadership Council on a journey where we reimagine the classics with the Black experience at the center. With no roadmap, we will have to blaze our own path. It will be hard work, but the rewards are beyond estimation—just like the bonds that will connect us as we travel and climb together.

Join us in reimagining the classics; because our future awaits… as it always has… in our past.

Here’s what to expect
As an MLMS attendee, you can expect to:

  • Prime yourself for new levels of success-oriented thinking by attending keynote addresses from Black thought leaders
  • Accelerate your progress towards your professional goals with battle-tested strategies and tactics presented in more than 15 concurrent sessions
  • Avoid career derailers by integrating lessons learned from fireside chats with successful Black professionals
  • Expand your professional network by connecting with peer Black professionals through our interactive, virtual networking experience