Build a Legacy that Reflects Who You Are

Are you ready to achieve greatness and master self? Are you ready to build a legacy that reflects who you are?

The Black executive’s experience is riddled with complexity and challenges that ultimately contribute to some of the greatest American stories of triumph. Black executives’ journeys to the C-suite are unique, but all require a high proficiency in key skills such as innovating, responding to change, developing strategy, and maintaining the sheer determination needed to forge a path. This five-day leadership experience will touch the heart, challenge the mind, and give Black executives the tools to cultivate self and lead others. This leadership experience explores the psychology of the black corporate climb. It is time to support each other, challenge each other, and cultivate each other to come to new conclusions about what is possible both now and in the future.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives provide the foundation for training development. Terminal and Enabling objectives provide a framework that organizes the course content, instructional activities, and assessments. The Terminal Objective describes the learning achieved by completing the overall course, while Enabling Objectives describe learning achieved with specific segments of the course.

Terminal Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • Built a peer network of future C-suite leaders with whom they can exchange perspectives, challenges, and insights
  • Created a values-based leadership philosophy
  • Created an Executive Vision Board and Journey Map
  • Delivered a persuasive presentation using the “Persuasion Trifecta”
  • Developed a customized leadership growth plan in collaboration with a peer coach

Enabling Objectives

During this course, participants will:

  • Analyze DiSC 363 results to identify leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore Black executive themes related to identity and success. (i.e., Social identity, double consciousness, imposter syndrome, code switching, and bias)
  • Identify habits and behaviors that help and hurt their authentic brand
  • Practice the art and science of persuasion and inspiration
  • Practice using storytelling strategies to inspire others
  • Practice peer coaching strategies that support proficiency in management and leadership competencies