The nature of the C-Suite is changing. Increased employee mobility; the need to innovate and remain nimble while operating in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environments; and the centrality of digital transformation to business success are among the factors driving these changes. And though we may not know what the C-Suite will look like beyond the near future, we are certain it must evolve from its current post-World War 2 structure which is based in command and control and specialized silos.

Future CEOs and C-Suite executives need to be ready for the new landscape. They can’t rely on the traditional path to develop the business acumen and discernment needed to navigate future C-Suite challenges. They need new maps for the new territory; and new methods to prepare for success. This is especially true for Black executives.

What they need is a new type of C-Suite training. Welcome to the 2023 C-Suite Academy.

In partnership with Accenture, The Executive Leadership Council has reimagined C-Suite preparation to include learning:

  • How to inspire and lead change
  • How to build a company that is bionic (i.e., humanistic and digitally focused)
  • How to thrive through adversity, uncertainty, and turbulent times
  • How to build and maintain an inclusive business
  • How to manage the dynamics of complex Profit and Loss centers

And all of this will take place at Accenture’s Atlanta Innovation Hub – a 30,000 square foot co-creation space designed to tap into the hacker, maker and creator that lies within each Black executive. Through structured combination of collaborative group work, augmented and virtual reality experiences, simulations, fireside chats and workshops, C-Suite Academy participants will clarify their strategic vision, improve their proficiency with key executive competencies, and develop alliances with current and future CEOs and C-Suite executives.

We are not just providing C-Suite training, we are building the next cohort of Black CEOs.

Are you ready for the challenge? Are you committed to thriving at the highest echelons of business? Are you prepared to embrace the discomfort that comes from undertaking a great – and achievable – challenge?

Then register today for the C-Suite Academy… and get ready to soar.

Learning Objectives
Learning objectives provide the foundation for training development. Terminal and Enabling objectives provide a framework that organizes the course content, instructional activities, and assessments. The Terminal Objective describes the learning achieved by completing the overall course, while Enabling objectives describe learning achieved with specific segments of the course.

Terminal Objectives
By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Create a Barriers and Solutions Map to lead a complex organizational change initiative
  • Build a P&L Growth Strategy to navigate disruption and uncertainty
  • Develop a performance and future ready C-Suite Gap Analysis
  • Customize a Resilience Model to support innovation and personal growth
  • Create a Communication Strategy to effectively engage and influence all stakeholders
  • Develop a Technology Mindset strategy to drive change, innovate, and add value from any position in the organization

Enabling Objectives
During this course, participants will:

  • Explore unique challenges for Black leadership in an evolving social, racial, and complex environment on the path to the C-Suite
  • Examine current leadership sources of power and how to leverage them to drive change
  • Explore and practice getting things done through people (people agility)
  • Apply frameworks and innovative techniques to solve current and complex problems
  • Explore strategies to navigate organizational decision making


Please note, in accordance with Accenture’s Covid policy, attendees will have to present a government issued ID, as well as proof of vaccination upon arrival.