Imagine a training event where you are encouraged to reimagine how the power of women is defined and expressed.

The Power of Women at Work is a one-day symposium designed to equip Black women professionals with the strategies, tactics and inspiration they need to reimagine their career journey and accelerate their progress towards their goals. The candid conversations, game-changing solutions, insightful panels, networking, and partnering opportunities will keep you engaged. Register now because you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity!

We recognize the remarkable responsibility Black women have to navigate their social and work lives in the face of adversity and bias. Stereotypes of the angry Black woman, the militant Black woman, and the Black superwoman all serve the same function: to reduce the professional Black woman to a single story—and by doing so, to reduce her power.

At The Executive Leadership Council (ELC), we understand that Black women in the workplace are so much more than their negative stereotypes, and want to help them develop professional skill sets to make their goals a reality. You’ll not only hear from panels of accomplished executives and academics, but also have the opportunity to speak with them directly as well as network with fellow attendees.

Join us at the 2023 Power of Women and Work… and embrace your power and explore possibilities.

Here’s what to expect: 

  • Discover how to accelerate your success in the workplace by managing your emotions and enhancing your wellbeing.
  • Gain insight from high ranking executives and leading academics during fireside chats
  • Reach across the aisle to hear from men in the movement combating gender and racial equity in the workplace.
  • Discover the right way to tell your story and own your voice.
  • Use proven negotiation strategies to create an ideal and sustainable work environment from flexible work location and delivery to advocating for work-life-balance. 
  • Learn how to move from burnout to blaze, dealing with the emotional toll of race and gender bias.
  • Network with women looking to partner and create your circle.


During this program participants will:

  • Expand self and organizational awareness to enhance building coalitions that drive change.
  • Explore creativity, ingenuity, and leadership of Black women.
  • Identify ways to forecast and predict the future of work using AI and technology.
  • Practice techniques to lead from a position of power to accelerate pipeline development for themselves and others.


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