Members of The Executive Leadership Council are black CEOs (both current and former), board members, and senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies and equivalents.

Through our various programs, we are developing and supporting a robust pipeline of global black executives.

    • ELC members have access to a powerful network of black business leaders around the globe.
    • ELC members benefit from formal and informal networking and executive development opportunities.
    • Our programs and initiatives (CEO Summit, Women’s Leadership Forum, and Corporate Board Initiative) connect, convene and support black executives in their personal and professional development.

The Executive Leadership Council is a multi-generational organization that supports black business leaders throughout the life cycles of their careers. ELC members are comprised of current and former black CEOs, senior executives and board directors at Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies, and entrepreneurs from top-tier firms.

To be eligible for membership, candidates must qualify as one of the following:

    • Senior-level black manager/executive within three levels from the Enterprise wide CEO of a Fortune 1000/Global 500 corporation or equivalent with annual revenues of at least $1.2B
    • Black executive serving on the Board of Directors of a Fortune 1000/Global 500 corporation or equivalent
    • Senior level black manager/executive at a top-tier professional services firm or equivalent
    • Recognized black thought leader/senior-level academic leader

Membership Meetings

Membership Meetings convene ELC members, leading thought leaders and business experts for discussions on business issues and trends impacting today’s global black senior executives and the leadership pipeline. Member Meetings feature panel discussions, forums and organized activities crafted through the lens of the Council’s identified priorities, interests and goals. Membership Meetings are hosted for ELC Members and invited guests twice per year, once during the Winter season and once during the Summer season. ELC’s Member Meetings are open to ELC Members only.