The Council

The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) is the preeminent membership organization committed to increasing the number of global black executives in C-Suites, on corporate boards and in global enterprises.

Our Goals

Our mission is to increase the number of successful black executives, domestically and internationally, by adding value to their development, leadership and philanthropic endeavors, thereby strengthening their companies, organizations and communities across the lifecycle of their careers. Comprised of more than 600 current and former black CEOs, board members and senior executives at Fortune 1,000 and Global 500 companies, and entrepreneurs at top-tier firms, we work to build an inclusive business leadership pipeline that empowers global black leaders to make impactful contributions to the marketplace and the global communities they serve.

Two key focus areas include:

  1. Increasing the number of global black executives serving in CEO positions and those one and two levels below by a net addition of at least one in each Fortune 500 company
  2. Increasing the number of seats held by global black executives on the boards of publicly traded companies by 200.

These aspirations will help advance innovation and the competitiveness of corporations, ensuring the long-term success of communities by bringing diverse thinking to the decision-making table.