The ELC Institute creates a well-researched and documented understanding of the corporate experiences of Black managers and executives, which can be used to develop organizations and the people they employ. As a place that gathers, analyzes, and distributes information in multiple ways, the Institute becomes the primary source for data on blacks in business.

Power of Women at Work (POWW) Virtual Conference

The Power of Women at Work is a one-day symposium designed to equip Black professionals with the strategies, tactics and inspiration they need to reimagine their career journey and accelerate their progress towards their goals. The candid conversations, game-changing solutions, insightful panels, networking, and partnering opportunities will keep you engaged.

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Black Men in Leadership Conference

The Black Men in Leadership conference aims to accelerate the process of redefining leadership for these times and provide crucial conversations, networking, and resources to make that happen. This gathering of professional Black men will provide counterintuitive insights and strategies backed by the latest research highlighting the state of Black men in the workplace.

Learn more about the transformative event designed for purpose driven male leaders who are committed to overcoming adversity and developing their mindset, skillset, and toolset.

C-Suite Academy

Through structured combination of collaborative group work, augmented and virtual reality experiences, simulations, fireside chats and workshops, C-Suite Academy participants will clarify their strategic vision, improve their proficiency with key executive competencies, and develop alliances with current and future CEOs and C-Suite executives.

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Decoded is a comprehensive 5-month virtual cohort program designed to accelerate Black digital professionals’ progress to the executive level.

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Leadership Development Week (LDW)

LDW East, West, and Virtual provide leadership development, assessments, and networking opportunities to help Black executives take control of their careers. Be among the most progressive and powerful Black executives experiencing a week of innovative insights, meaningful networking, and the celebration of their success.

View LDW East’s, LDW West’s, and LDW Virtual’s five-day courses.

Levels: Growing Black Music Leaders

ELC’s Levels program is competency-based and designed by and for Black professionals. It centers the Black experience in the context of critical leadership domains such as developing a leadership vision, self-awareness, and management, influencing others without authority, and leading change.

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Mid-Level Managers’ Symposium (MLMS)

For the 2022 Mid-Level Managers’ Symposium, join The Executive Leadership Council on a journey where we reimagine the classics with the Black experience at the center. With no roadmap, we will have to blaze our own path.

View the 2022 in-person and virtual offerings.


Institute Fellows Programs

Fellows are part of a growing global network of thousands of Black mid-level managers who have graduated from The ELC Institute’s Leadership Development Programs. This ongoing affiliation with The ELC Institute affords past participants several benefits such as visibility in and access to professional networking opportunities, access to digital leadership training, career solutions, research, thought leadership, and an online Fellows directory.

ELC Institute Digital Badges

The ELC Institute digital badge is a representation of your leadership learning, designed so that you can share the skills and competencies you gained through your participation in an ELC Institute leadership program via social media, on digital versions of your resume and e-mail. Your digital badge contains embedded data that enables real-time credential verification and labor market insights that relate to your skills.

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