Membership/Qualifications & Process

Become an ELC Member

ELC members have access to a powerful network of Black business leaders around the globe and benefit from formal and informal networking and executive development opportunities.

Our programs and initiatives connect, convene and support Black executives in their personal and professional development.

Membership Eligibility

To be eligible for membership consideration, candidates must qualify as one of the following:

  • Senior-level black executive, defined as CEO, C-suite executives and those reporting to C-suite executives (i.e., within two positions of the enterprise-wide CEO) at a Fortune 1000/Global 500 corporation or company with equivalent annual revenues
  • Senior-level black executive, as defined above, at a professional services firm equivalent to a Fortune 1000/Global 500 corporation
  • Black executive serving on the Board of Directors of a Fortune 1000/Global 500 corporation or equivalent
  • Black entrepreneur of a top-tier company with minimum annual revenues of $200 million

Recommendation & Candidate Process

To be extended a membership application, the candidate must:

  • Receive a nomination for membership consideration from an ELC member in good standing.
  • Meet one of the preliminary membership criteria.
  • Receive Membership Committee approval.

Membership Application And Requirements

If one of the above membership eligibility criteria is met and an application extended, the candidate must:

  • Submit the completed application including two (2) letters of recommendation from ELC members in good standing.
  • Interview with a Membership Committee member.

If accepted for ELC membership, the new member must:

  • Satisfy the dues requirement.
  • Attend orientation and induction sessions.

Become a Member

Reach out if your organization is interested in registering multiple people to participate in any upcoming program.