About the Executive Leadership Council

The Executive Leadership Council is an independent non-profit founded in 1986 that opens channels of opportunity for the development of Black executives to positively impact business and our communities.

The ELC believes in the business proposition that when diversity leads, corporate America and global enterprises succeed. This belief is in part based on research which shows that diverse and well managed teams yield better results.

The ELC’s strategic vision is the culmination of stakeholder efforts to build on ELC’s more than three decades of success and to prepare for shifts in the economy, business, and society. The ELC’s primary focus will always be to nurture and amplify Black excellence and leadership in business.

We design targeted programming to engage, support and further develop current corporate executives at different stages in their career lifecycles. Our programs attract multi-generational leaders and enhance their professional growth through leadership, research, coaching and development. Some of our most popular offerings include corporate board development and preparation for the C-suite.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals who form the core of our team, driving our mission forward with passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to fostering Black leadership excellence. Get to know the faces behind the vision, united in empowering the next generation of business leaders.

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