Programs & Events

Join us for a premier leadership development experience for Black professionals that helps them address the challenges and opportunities of Black leadership today, defining the odds and setting new standards for success.

Leadership Programs

Embark on a transformative journey with ELC’s Leadership Programs, meticulously crafted to elevate your skills and broaden your strategic vision within our dynamic community.

Digital Resources

Immerse yourself in a digital realm of knowledge and growth with The ELC’s Digital Resources. Tailored to your professional journey, these resources offer a curated collection of tools designed to enhance your skills and navigate the evolving landscape of Black leadership.


The Institute creates a well-researched and documented understanding of the corporate experiences of Black managers and executives, which can be used to develop organizations and the people they employ. As a place that gathers, analyzes, and distributes information in multiple ways, the Institute becomes the primary source for data on Blacks in business.

ELC Fellows

As members of a dynamic global network, Fellows form a vital part of The ELC Institute, having successfully completed our Leadership Development Programs. While the Fellows program stands as a cornerstone, the institute extends beyond, offering a myriad of benefits. Past participants enjoy ongoing connections, visibility, and access to professional networking opportunities, digital leadership training, career solutions, research, thought leadership, and an online Fellows directory.

ELC Institute Digital Badges

The ELC Institute digital badge is a representation of your leadership learning, designed so that you can share the skills and competencies you gained through your participation in an ELC Institute leadership program via social media, on digital versions of your resume and e-mail. Your digital badge contains embedded data that enables real-time credential verification and labor market insights that relate to your skills.

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