By 2021, the ELC will be an innovative leader in the COMMUNITY, on behalf of our MEMBERS, amongst BUSINESS leaders, and via the ORGANIZATION brand, by pursuing:

  • 2x participants in black talent & financial literacy programming
  • 5 Alliance Partners in ecosystem
  • $3 Million of Philanthropic Impact
  • 3 Forums and incubator to grow entrepreneurs and business dev
  • 5 Partnerships for Advocacy & Education
  • Increase F1000 black directors
  • Increase Black CEOs in F1000
  • Increase black women in F1000 C-Suite
  • Increase blacks in F1000 C-Suite
  • Establish CEO Knowledge Sharing forum for best practices
  • 1,000 ELC members (quality over quantity)
  • 10% increase YoY in F1000 companies in membership
  • 1 Digital and 3 Regional nodes in our network
  • 4 new Product Launches
  • 9 Pieces of original Thought Leadership
  • 9 appearances at idea forums (i.e., Davos, Aspen, etc.) and industry conferences
Splash Statement

The Executive Leadership Council Statement on Racial Injustice and Disparities Facing the Black Community

Click here to read our statement in response to recent events fatally impacting the Black community.