Blog / August 17, 2020

ELC Entrepreneur Highlight: Brickson Diamond

Brickson Diamond is the CEO of Big Answers LLC, which partners with client organizations to strategically unlock diverse talent contributions through elevating engagement with existing employees and vital external communities.

Q: Why did you make the leap into entrepreneurship?

A: Following stints in sales and P/L roles I was anxious to combine my experiences selling, creating and servicing products to clients. After years of doing this for a giant asset management firm and an important membership association I realized the most vital offering I had to offer was me.

Q: How did you get the idea or concept for your business?

A: The concept evolved as I attracted clients. My first client was in the entertainment industry. Together we built a program to attract writers/directors. The various elements we created for that client became the bedrock offerings of the firm.

Q: What was your biggest mistake/failure and how did you navigate through it?

A: My biggest mistake was looking for someone to hire me to do what I do best rather than hanging out my own shingle. After a few dramatic rejections, I hired an executive coach. Even then I asked him to help find some other people to hire me. That process brought me to my senses. I got busy attracting clients.

Q: To what or whom do you attribute your success?

A: I attribute my success to the quality and depth of my relationship building skills. It is a gift that many claim to value, but rarely reward inside of organizations. As an advisor it is my currency.

Q: What has entrepreneurship taught you?

A: Know your value and claim it. At the same time, recognize it may take some time for others to get on board.

Q: Any tips for new business owners or struggling business owners?

A: It is the same advice I give when asked how to get rich – make more, spend less.

The ELC Entrepreneur series highlights ELC Members who have been successful in starting businesses. Their stories will provide insights on what went into their decision and how they navigated some of their toughest obstacles. They will also provide tips for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make the leap.