Blog / August 31, 2020

ELC Entrepreneur Highlight: Dr. Akosua Barthwell Evans

ELC Member Dr. Akosua Barthwell Evans is the President and CEO of The Barthwell Group, Inc, a boutique, multi-dimensional management consulting firm, based in Detroit.

Q: Why did you make the leap into entrepreneurship?

A: I was inspired by my father.

Q: How did you get the idea or concept for your business?

A: Recognized the need for results-driven customized consulting services.

Q: To what or whom do you attribute your success?

A: Listening to our clients, understanding their culture, and focusing on getting results.

Q: What has entrepreneurship taught you?

A: The need to be flexible, pragmatic, and to constantly learn new skills

Q: Any tips for new business owners or struggling business owners?
A: Do your homework, emphasize excellence, and build relationships.

The ELC Entrepreneur series highlights ELC Members who have been successful in starting businesses. Their stories will provide insights on what went into their decision and how they navigated some of their toughest obstacles. They will also provide tips for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make the leap.