Blog / May 30, 2018

The Power of Inclusive Leadership

On May 29, 2018, we witnessed why inclusive leadership in business is so important to having a voice at the decision making table. On a day when global brand Starbucks took the time to gather nearly 175,000 of its U.S. employees, forfeiting an estimated $16 million in sales, to begin a conversation about implicit bias and the need for mutual respect, another company had to take swift action on an offensive social media post by the star of a popular television series. In both cases, black women C-Suite executives helped guide their companies to make the right decisions, respond quickly and confidently, and contribute to the courageous leadership necessary to address inappropriate actions and blatant racism.

For more than 30 years, The Executive Leadership Council has welcomed black corporate executives as members and advocated for increasing inclusion in C-Suites and on corporate boards. The decision by ABC Entertainment and its parent company Disney to cancel one of its highest-rated shows after a reprehensible post by the show’s namesake about a highly respected former White House official is commendable.

The ELC has worked for decades to promote inclusive leadership and develop the next generation of leaders. These companies and the many that have signed the pledge with the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ have demonstrated they recognize the value, the need and the power of inclusive leadership.