Chart the course that others will follow

Are you ready to be the captain of the ship?

Are you ready to set the course that all will follow?

The Black Executive’s route to the C-Suite is a high-stakes journey on a poorly illuminated path. But one advantage is the confidence and courage created by developing the skills necessary to navigate this unfavorable terrain. During this five-day leadership experience, Black executives will develop their minds and identify strategies to ascend to the peak of their organizations and careers. They will leave with the tools required to serve as the most senior leader responsible for the entire enterprise. Moreover, participants will leave this experience prepared to step into their purpose and lead with the authenticity, transparency, and strategy necessary to thrive as leaders and global visionaries.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives provide the foundation for training development. Terminal and Enabling objectives provide a framework that organizes the course content, instructional activities, and assessments. The Terminal Objective describes the learning achieved by completing the overall course, while Enabling Objectives describe learning achieved with specific segments of the course.

Terminal Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • Created a Strategic Muse to support their business acumen
  • Created an innovative solution to a “4th Industrial Revolution” business problem
  • Delivered a compelling pitch capable of leading and driving change
  • Developed a customized strategic growth plan in collaboration with a peer coach
  • Developed a Power Map to identify strategies to evaluate individual sources of power
  • Developed a systems and design thinking toolkit to tackle ambiguous and complex problems (i.e., learn what to do when they don’t know what to do.)

Enabling Objectives

During this course, participants will:

  • Analyze DiSC 363 results to identify leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Design a product that addresses a real-world business problem
  • Explore effective CEO thinking strategies through a series of complex and compelling simulations and exercises
  • Learn to accelerate the progress towards the C-Suite by identifying and leveraging sources of power within an organization
  • Practice strategies to turn complexity and discomfort into opportunities for “Next Level” achievement