Embracing Power and Possibilities

The ELC recognizes the remarkable responsibility Black women have to navigate their social and work lives in the face of adversity and bias. Stereotypes of the angry Black woman, the militant Black woman, and the Black superwoman all serve the same function: to reduce the professional Black woman to a single story—and by doing so, to reduce her power.

At The ELC, it is easy for us to reject these classic and pejorative tropes, because we know the full story: one where the real power of Black women at work is a healing balm, a discerning spirit, and an uplifting energy. We don’t accept traditional notions of power which focus on the ability to compel others to do what we want. Instead, we reimagine power as the ability to be the best and fullest version of yourself in whatever spaces you occupy. And we have created a professional development experience appropriate for this more expansive definition of the power we know all Black women have.

Imagine a training event where you are encouraged to reimagine how the power of women is defined and expressed. Participate in sessions like:

  • Make it, Break it, or Leave it: Learn when and how to apply your power to improve your current work situation, fundamentally disrupt it, or transition to another opportunity entirely.
  • Am I Frightening… or are You Just Frightened?: Discover the strategies and tactics to manage relationships with individuals, groups and organizations who might not be ready to accept a Black woman who claims and exercises her full power.
  • Tactical Analysis: Deconstruct the 5+ most common tropes applied to Black women at work in order to more fully understand the gains and losses of using each as you move through your corporate journey.

The Power of Women at Work is a one-day symposium designed to equip Black professionals with the strategies, tactics and inspiration they need to reimagine their career journey and accelerate their progress towards their goals. The candid conversations, game-changing solutions, insightful panels, networking, and partnering opportunities will keep you engaged. Register now because you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity!

You don’t have to do it alone. Join as at the 2022 Power of Women and Work… and embrace your power and explore possibility.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Discover how to accelerate your success in the workplace by managing your emotions and enhancing your wellbeing
  • Reach across the aisle to hear from men in the movement combating gender and racial equity in the workplace
  • Discover the right way to tell your story and own your voice
  • Use proven negotiation strategies to create an ideal and sustainable work environment from flexible work location and delivery to advocating for work-life-balance
  • Learn how to move from burnout to blaze, dealing with the emotional toll of race and gender bias
  • Network with women looking to partner and create your circle

During this program participants will:

  • Expand self and organizational awareness to enhance building coalitions that drive change
  • Explore creativity, ingenuity, and leadership of Black women
  • Identify ways to forecast and predict the future of work using AI and technology
  • Practice techniques to lead from a position of power to accelerate pipeline development for themselves and others

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