Many qualified and high-performing Black corporate professionals, like yourself, are either not recruited for, or promoted into, the C-Suite. Black and Indigenous people and other people of color make up 17 percent of the C-suite, according to Gartner, a technology research and consulting company.

One of the most significant challenges impeding Black corporate professionals’ upward mobility has been visibility; attracting the promotion-, mentor-, and sponsor-getting attention necessary for career advancement, especially in a hybrid work environment.

On Wednesday, March 15, The ELC Institute hosted Learn & Grow: Using Visibility to Advance Towards the C-Suite, a LinkedIn Live series.

Executive Coach Olu Burrell, President and CEO of Olu Burrell Consulting, and Sherhara Downing, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at SpeakHaus, shared visibility tactics to help propel professionals one step closer to securing their spot in the C-Suite.

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