Leadership Development Weeks (LDW) is a premier leadership development experience for Black professionals at any career level. Be among the most progressive and powerful Black executives experiencing a week of innovative insights, meaningful networking, and the celebration of their success.

Enroll in one of LDW’s virtual courses which have been redesigned for 2022:

Bright Futures

This session will explore socialized patterns that accompany being Black in America, including the realities of power and privilege. We are going to look back before we look forward. Reflecting on the past while looking toward an ideal future, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how history contributes to their future path as leaders. This understanding will give each participant a deeper awareness of their unique leadership strengths, values, and career goals, resulting in a vision and plan for how they want to navigate their future on their own terms.

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Leading Innovation

This course will take you on a journey of self-exploration and practical application of new skills from the worlds of technology and innovation. In a collaborative environment, you will use tools such as design thinking to address a major challenge that incorporates Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and entrepreneurship concepts.

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Navigating the Corporate Landscape 

In this course, we will acknowledge and characterize the hazards of the Black professional’s career journey. This course will also focus on helping you develop the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills needed to navigate those hazards with increased awareness, confidence, effectiveness, and grace.

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Strategic Pathways for Women

This course is intended for Black women leaders who are ready to fully step into their professional power and create new career possibilities. The learning journey begins with an understanding of the particular corporate landscape Black women must navigate – one full of pitfalls and blind turns. Rather than seeing these realities as obstacles, participants work together to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones toward more authentic, courageous, and impactful leadership.

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Strengthening The Pipeline 1

This leadership experience will touch the heart, challenge the mind, and give Black executives the tools to cultivate self and lead others. This leadership experience explores the psychology of the black corporate climb. It is time to support each other, challenge each other, and cultivate each other to come to new conclusions about what is possible both now and in the future.

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Strengthening The Pipeline 2

During this leadership experience, Black executives will develop their minds and identify strategies to ascend to the peak of their organizations and careers. They will leave with the tools required to serve as the most senior leader responsible for the entire enterprise. Moreover, participants will leave this experience prepared to step into their purpose and lead with the authenticity, transparency, and strategy necessary to thrive as leaders and global visionaries.

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