An Open Letter to America’s CEOS from The Executive Leadership Council

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Throughout the years, there has been great optimism that our country could learn from the lessons of the past and build a path to a brighter future for all. Yet today, we are facing a country that is influenced by misinformation, disinformation and strife.

As an organization that has worked over the past 37 years to help Corporate America navigate the challenges that come with dismantling the systemic issues that plague our society, The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) believes that we are all better than the distractions and divisiveness of this moment. Today, we ask you to remain steadfast in your efforts and retain DEI initiatives within your organization. More importantly, The ELC is committed to being your partner throughout this journey.

While the recent SCOTUS ruling overturned affirmative action in higher education, it does not impede you from continuing to exert successful practices that serve and advance your efforts today, as recent declarations made by a small group of attorneys general might imply.

Instead, we encourage you to continue to use your DEI tools as well as the standards set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to help further your work and ensure that your organization represents the marketplace as it should.

From your employees, to your supply chain and the customers and communities you impact, it is critical that you continue to use DEI as it was intended, as a mechanism for creating an inclusive culture. Initiatives can include providing economic opportunity by expanding your recruiting efforts, connecting all leaders to your culture through employee resource groups, and providing interview training to reduce biases. In doing so, you can serve and contribute to the success of your organization.

The common thread that we can all build on is that we are all Americans who want to create the best future for our country. The research clearly shows that when we establish more inclusive and diverse environments, our corporate structures and communities thrive and are more economically sound.

We must seek to abolish these negative narratives that are intended to set us back and instead embrace the diversity of our country so that everyone wins. Now is not the time to retreat, but to boldly stand as we advance equitable opportunities for all and continue to build a strong and flourishing economy.

In partnership,


Gale V. King
Michael C. Hyter
President & CEO
Milton Irvin
James Kaiser
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