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We celebrated our freedom and we paid homage to our ancestors for the difference they made.

The ELC’s mission is to advocate for and facilitate the increase in Black executives at the C-suite, the CEO and corporate board levels, as well as increasing the pipeline of Black professionals in line for those level of roles.

The ELC empowers and supports its members through many different ways.

One, we begin with connections and communities. We empower our members through learning and development opportunities.

Thought Leadership.

It’s the full cycle of a career in which we’re empowering and supporting our members.

And it’s important today, even more so than ever, because that’s the one area where Blacks are under-represented at the leadership levels in corporate spaces.

And so for us to be representing the 840 members of ELC, here at Nasdaq, was a significant point of pride.

And it’s also a call to action, because we recognize that while we’re celebrating progress, we have a lot more work to do.

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