Black Enterprise And Executive Leadership Council Partner To Present Town Hall Series Examining Economic Equity And Racial Justice Issues

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First Event Examines Corporate Accountability Through A Black Business Lens One Year After George Floyd’s Murder

Black Enterprise, the premier multimedia resource for African American entrepreneurs and business leaders, and The Executive Leadership Council (ELC), the pre-eminent global organization focused on developing Black corporate C-suite and board leaders, today announced the launch of the BLACK ENTERPRISE Economic Equity & Racial Justice Town Hall Series.

The Town Hall series consists of seven virtual roundtable sessions featuring top corporate executives, entrepreneurs, civil rights activists and social thought leaders. The roundtable discussions will examine a range of challenges confronting the Black community, with the goal of yielding strategic plans to galvanize Black Americans to act. In recognition of the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, the Town Hall series will kick off on June 10, with “One Year After George Floyd: Has Corporate America Made Good On Its Economic Equity Pledges?”

The sessions seek to advance the state of the Black community, help position Black professionals to gain more C-suite and board positions, increase capital and procurement opportunities for Black-owned businesses and ensure corporate America’s accountability to their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. The series is one element of a broader partnership that seeks to strengthen The ELC’s existing ties with Black Enterprise to promote shared missions and goals focused on elevating Black excellence in business, in addition to driving additional viewership and engagement to the content and resources of Black Enterprise. In addition to The ELC, other major sponsors of the Town Hall Series include Manulife and Apple Inc.

“Corporate pledges of commitment to diversity and inclusion are not new to Black people in corporate America,” says BLACK ENTERPRISE CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. “However, the events of the past year, triggered by the killing of George Floyd, have elevated the conversation around fairness, equity and social justice and driven actionable steps to ensure the advancement of Black people by intentional and effective corporate DE&I efforts. If we are to achieve economic equity, we must hold corporate America accountable for making sure that the billions of dollars pledged during the past year in the name of ending systemic racism actually results in systemic change—including actual wealth creation—for Black people both inside and outside of their companies. Our powerful alliance with The ELC will further enable us to achieve this end.”

“In alignment with our mission, this partnership with Black Enterprise is a pathway of opportunity for Black executives to positively impact business and our communities,” says ELC President and CEO Michael C. Hyter. “It gives us a broad platform to have a national dialogue about a range of issues and challenges facing the Black community today. Ignited by the brutal killing of George Floyd, the racial justice movement is challenging corporate America to confront systemic racism in the workplace. As we continue to recognize the significance of the challenges we face a year after Mr. Floyd’s death, we are proud to join forces with Black Enterprise to empower and educate the Black community and Black business leaders along their professional journeys. Creating safe spaces for Black leaders to invest in their own futures is a key component of our commitment to supporting Black business excellence.”


JUNE 10, 2021
One Year After George Floyd: Has Corporate America Made Good on its Economic Equity Pledges?

JULY 8, 2021
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OCTOBER 12, 2021
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DECEMBER 3, 2021
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JANUARY 13, 2022
Black Business Development: Achieving Parity in Capital & Contracts

FEBRUARY 24, 2022
Criminal Justice Reform: Developing A Fair & Equitable System for All

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