ELC’s Bernard J. Tyson Named NO. 2 Most Influential Person In Healthcare

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ELC’s Bernard J. Tyson Named No. 2 Most Influential Person in Healthcare – Second Only to the President of the United States

Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente and Immediate Past Board Chair of The Executive Leadership Council (ELC), debuted as number 2 on the 100Most Influential People in Healthcare by ModernHealthcare magazine. He received the second highest number of votes after President Barack Obama, and is in great company with ELC members Kevin E. Lofton, President and CEO of Catholic Health Charities (#11) and Lloyd Dean, President and CEO of Dignity Health (#21) who also made the prestigious list.

“The recognition of Bernard, Kevin and Lloyd with this honor is both a personal recognition for them and a positive reflection of the high-level quality leadership among members of the ELC,” said ELC President and CEO Ronald C. Parker. “We are proud of them and what they represent in elevating the visibility of our members who have achieved success in their fields.”

Tyson and Kaiser Permanente are recognized for embracing and advancing the new efficiencies of patient/customer care and database management. Modern Healthcare said that Tyson is focused on wellness and affordability as part of his effort to “turn this sickness industry upside down.” That means improving quality, service and affordability, while finding new ways of achieving better health for the American people.

Modern Healthcare magazine is a weekly publication and leading source of healthcare business and policy news, research and information. The magazine received more than 15,000 nominations and 31,000 ballots were cast representing 155,000 votes for individual candidates. Thank you to our ELC members who answered our call to action and voted for your fellow members.

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