Executive Leadership Council Statement on the Appointment of Marvin R. Ellison as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Lowe’s

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WASHINGTON, DC, Jun. 2, 2021 – The Executive Leadership Council has released the following statement regarding the appointment of Marvin R. Ellison as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Lowe’s.

On behalf of our more than 800 members, The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) congratulates ELC member Marvin R. Ellison on his appointment as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Lowe’s. The ELC commends the Board’s decision to elect Mr. Ellison and underscore Lowe’s’ commitment to diverse leadership at the helm, and in the boardroom, of the company.

“We are thrilled to hear that our very own ELC member, Marvin Ellison, has been appointed as chairman of the Board at Lowe’s. As the company’s President and CEO for the past three years, Mr. Ellison has demonstrated the type of game changing leadership we are pleased to amplify here at The Executive Leadership Council,” says Michael C. Hyter, President and CEO of the membership organization. “This extraordinarily rare appointment increases the tally of current Black board chairmen in the Fortune 500 to nine, and the number of Black executives who serve as both CEO and chairman to three. Mr. Ellison’s appointment is yet another feather in his cap of corporate leadership.”

Mr. Ellison’s track record of success serving as chairman and CEO of J.C. Penney Co., and over a decade spent serving as a senior-level operations executive at Home Depot, speaks for itself. Today, Ellison’s colleagues acknowledge him as a driving force behind Lowe’s successful transformation into a world-class retailer, and he was notably instrumental in leading the organization during the global pandemic.

The ELC and our members proudly applaud Mr. Ellison not only for this latest accomplishment, but also for demonstrating a legacy of excellence in Black corporate leadership for over 35 years.



Libi Rice, The Executive Leadership Council

Thomas Dima, UWG



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