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The Executive Leadership Council is back in London! Following our June 2015 visit with The Royal Family, Black business executives and key dignitaries, our London-based members are now formally convening on a regular basis, and we have inducted a few new members based in the UK. The ELC has formed a Global Expansion Committee to pursue opportunities for membership and engagement abroad, starting in the UK.

On Saturday, June 16, UK-based members of the Global Expansion Committee hosted a private dinner and reception for Senior British Leaders of African and Caribbean descent at the Aqua Shard Restaurant. The guest of honor was Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente and former ELC Board Chair, and his wife Denise Bradley Tyson. He spoke about the values of The ELC and provided colorful anecdotes about what the organization has meant to him personally and professionally. Tyson also emphasized that as a member of The ELC, with senior positions of influence in our organizations, we have a responsibility and obligation to use our influence and voice to improve the lives of Black people globally.

ELC Co-Treasurer and Global Expansion Committee Chair Arlene Isaacs-Lowe, Managing Director – EMEA Commercial Group of Moody’s Investors Service and new UK-based member Walter H. White Jr., Partner of McGuireWoods also discussed the mission of The ELC, benefits of being an ELC member and the importance of expanding the brand and growing our membership internationally. All attendees left the evening inspired by the possibilities that The ELC will bring with its global expansion initiative.

Former ELC Board Chair Bernard J. Tyson of Kaiser Permanente (center) joined by ELC Co-Treasurer and Global Expansion Committee Chair Arlene Isaacs-Lowe of Moody’s Investors (2nd from left) and members of the Global Expansion Committee and guests at the Aqua Shard restaurant in London.

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