“Exploring The World Of Private Equity” On Martha’s Vineyard

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It was not only President Obama causing a stir on Martha’s Vineyard this August. A panel on “Exploring the World of Private Equity” was held during the Summer Executive Workshop 5.0 (SEW), featuring several ELC members and creating quite a buzz. Hosted by the Beta Iota Boule of Sigma Pi Phi, the professional and leadership development training session was held on August 14 in Edgartown.

Dmitri Stockton, president and CEO of GE Asset Management, moderated the panel featuring: Patricia Miller Zollar, managing partner with Neuberger Berman; Martin H. Nesbitt, co-CEO of the Vistria Group; Quintin E. Primo III, chairman and CEO of Capri Investment Group; Jerry Burris, managing director of Hamilton Hildreth LLC; Willie E. Woods, president and managing director of ICV Partners; and, Kneeland Youngblood, co-founder and managing partner of Pharos Capital Group, LLC.

It was the second year the ELC seated a panel at SEW. Both audience and panelists felt it was a lively, informative and engaging discussion.

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