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“Never be the most inferior person in the room.” This is what Bernard Tyson said to me when I asked a question about believing that you deserve a seat at the table but constantly fighting against the doubt that often surfaces. I had the chance to ask him this question a few years ago when I attended The Executive Leadership Council’s (ELC) Mid-Level Managers’ Symposium (MLMS). His answer to my question would serve as a catalyst that led to the next milestone in my professional development plan. I knew that I had to become an ELC Fellow by completing their Leadership Development Week (LDW) program. I am so proud to say that my experience at LDW was far beyond what I imagined.

The speakers, lessons and life long connections I made during this year’s LDW were practical and eye-opening. We are often told to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and development week pushed each of us to step into a space where discomfort became less pronounced but access was granted to the hidden gems and tools needed to stand on a foundation of what it means to be Black, successful and bold in Corporate America.

In addition to the tools, my group of “new friends” are important people in my life and I am confident we will follow each other’s careers. The next wave of future Black CEOs are created during The ELC’s Leadership Development Week.

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