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As black leaders and executives in corporate America, it can be lonely – The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) Strengthening the Pipeline program provided a sense of belonging and a safe medium to share our stories with unprecedented candor, draw collective strength from our shared adversities, tap into our deepest values, replenish our physical and mental energies, and renew our visions and strategies for an uncertain future.

Throughout the weeklong program, we addressed questions that pierced the core of self-actualization. The program did not let us off easy – the lessons, case studies, content, lecturers and speakers could very well match the rigor of top business schools. The program addressed broad leadership topics, yet it was individualized with personalized coaching and feedback sessions focused on addressing corporate challenges, managing behavioral blind spots and career derailers, taking calculated risks, adapting to change in a “VUCA” world, harnessing strengths and innovative thinking, managing health and wellness, balancing family and faith, and preparing for enterprise leadership and boardroom ascension.

The principles we learned have broad applicability in any industry and across the globe.

At times, it felt like therapy. It certainly was therapeutic! We laughed, we cried and our vibrant voices will continue to reverberate far beyond our brief time together.

By the end of the week, there was no self-doubt.

Personally, I was clearer about what I needed to do.  I have since begun to execute on my goals and decreased distractibility from leading better and living better. I can say with great confidence and representing my fellow cohorts that we were all well equipped with strategies and tools to guide our future. We inspired each other and were moved by the wisdom and stories of resiliency from leading corporate black executives and ELC board members that visited with us. We were energized by the bonds we had formed, and the expansive ELC community and resources we can leverage throughout our journey.

My time at ELC Strengthening the Pipeline will always be memorable!

I will always be grateful to my employer, Citi and my leadership team for valuing my contributions, investing in my growth, and committing to a thriving diverse and inclusive company – hiring, promoting, and retaining black talent.

Thank you to ELC members, speakers and facilitators – Kelly Darnell, Skip Spriggs, Cindy Kent, George Houston, Ph.D., Christopher Butts, EdD, Billy Dexter, Ancella Livers, Ime Archibong, Agape Redwood Rogers, and my fellow leadership cohort that made our collective experience magical & unforgettable!

The program is an indispensable asset. Masterfully done.

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