Spring 2022 Issue of The Executive Leadership Council Journal Features Research Articles for Corporate Officers, Boards, Executives and Managers

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WASHINGTON DC–April 27, 2022 — The Executive Leadership Council (ELC), the pre-eminent membership organization committed to increasing the number of global Black executives in C-suites, on corporate boards and in global enterprises, today releases the fifth issue of its peer-reviewed research journal, A Research Journal for Black Professionals.

The Spring 2022 edition of the Journal features six new research articles, including ELC staff authors. In The ‘Great Resignation’ and Black Professionals in Corporate America, Senior Research Manager, Justina Victor illuminates the opportunity this reflective moment is giving employers to see what factors are driving the turnover and retention of Black talent.  And Senior Program Manager, Amanda Rey, and Institute Director of Leadership Development and Research, Dr. Ramien Pierre’s Your Brand on Purpose explores how job execution is not enough to ensure workplace success and the importance of developing and maintaining a personal brand.

“The ELC is pleased to highlight the work of its very own researchers who work diligiently to develop and conduct research that is crucial to providing information by Black professionals to Black professionals. This work creates a well-researched and documented understanding of the corporate experiences of Black managers and executives, which can be used to develop organizations and the people they employ further supporting the mission of The ELC to support Black professionals,” said Michael C. Hyter, president and CEO of The ELC.

Other articles include Generativity and Relational Wealth: Using Stewardship to Open the Door to Prosperity in which Dr. LaTanya White shows how promoting Black dynastic wealth requires leveraging the concept of stewardship to increase the generative intent – and not just the corporate success – of Black professionals.

This issue contains specific calls to action for corporate directors. In Overseeing Effective Corporate Strategy Implementation: A DEI Case Study, Dr. Akosua Barthwell urges corporate directors to apply the same rigor they use for more general strategic business initiatives to their DEI work, while in The Importance of Supply Chain in the Board Room, Shelley Stewart, Jr. provides a compelling argument for how all directors and C-suite executives need a more-than-basic understanding of supply chain management if they want to effectively pursue their ESG, risk management and revenue goals, while Dr. Peter James points out the six proficiencies that will lead to success in his article, Developing 21st Century Leadership Skills.

The ELC A Research Journal for Black Professionals is available at no charge at www.elcinfo.com/elc-research-journal/

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