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The Executive Leadership Council, Institute for Leadership Development and Research publishes peer-reviewed research journals titled, “The Executive Leadership Council Journal: A Research Journal for Black Professionals.”

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As the preeminent membership organization for Black professionals, The ELC believes it is our duty to provide research that speaks to the Black professional experience and that of our community.

These Journals are vehicles to doing just that and seek to support The ELC mission by delivering research, thought leadership, best practices, op-eds, and compelling stories for the development and advancement of Black professionals.

The ELC Institute would like to thank the contributors to these journals and look forward to receiving contributions for future editions on a variety of topics impacting Black professionals and community.

Call for Proposals

We are requesting submissions for the journal and look forward to receiving contributions on a variety of topics impacting Black professionals and communities. We welcome articles on a range of subjects provided they support the purpose statement: to open channels of opportunity for the development of Black executives to positively impact business and our communities.

For details on how to submit material for future editions of the Journal, click here.

Digital Resources

The ELC offers a variety of digital resources geared to provide Black corporate professionals with the business-tested strategies and actionable tactics they need to advance their careers.

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Custom Programs

A number of organizations require bespoke initiatives in order to achieve their talent development, diversity, and business goals. The ELC engages corporate stakeholders to design tailored equity solutions that compliment preexisting leadership development programs or create original culturally dynamic leadership programming to advance and retain Black and multicultural talent.

Custom programs are engaging, highly-interactive, and can be short- (e.g., half-day) or long-form (2 years), and can be designed for as few as several dozen participants or as many as several hundred. Potential Custom Program elements include:

  • Ally engagement activities
  • Demonstration projects
  • Executive coaching (1-on-1 or group)
  • Facilitated learning sessions
  • Fireside chats with ELC members
  • In-person, virtual, or hybrid engagement
  • Post-program sustainment activities
  • Pre-assessments and/or post-assessments
  • Pre-program work
  • Program kickoff with participants, their supervisors, and executive advocates

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