About the Corporate Board Navigator

Formerly the Corporate Board Initiative, the Corporate Board Navigator (CBN), sponsored by Deloitte, was designed and developed to advance and support members of the ELC throughout their corporate board journey. CBN builds awareness, improves readiness, bolsters the effectiveness, and enhances the visibility of ELC members who are interested in, actively pursuing, and currently serving on boards.

To ensure we can support our members regardless of where they are in their board journey, we structured the Corporate Board Navigator across three phases:

  • Phase One: Board Readiness – Supports members who are seeking their first board position. Designed as an immersive program with both in-person and virtual components, phase one provides board ready members tangible resources, networking opportunities, and board focused instruction via a 6-month cohort program.
  • Phase Two: Board Navigation – Supports members serving on at least one corporate board. Through our quarterly content symposiums, phase two of CBN aims to support first time board members as they continue to acclimate to being on a board; offers direction to those seeking a new board directorship; and provides best practices to those seeking to be more effective in their current board roles.
  • Phase Three: Board Elevation – Supports experienced board directors who have been on corporate boards for more than 3 years. Phase three seeks to elevate the effectiveness of ELC board members through candid conversations and sharing of best practices via our quarterly content sessions aimed at supporting the elevation of board members to positions of board leadership.

In addition to general membership events, the cohort groups participate in  workshops, webinars, one-on-one mentorship, networking receptions, panel  discussions, and board related conferences as a part of a comprehensive  program.

“Recent progress in board diversity is encouraging, but the pace must improve. Both Black men and women board members have the highest recycle rates, serving on two or more boards. The development of a new generation of board members has created an abundant untapped source of diverse talent with a broad set of industry experiences, C-suite roles, backgrounds, and skills to fill future board seats.”

-Michael C. Hyter, president and CEO, The Executive Leadership Council