The Mid-Level Managers’ Symposium (MLMS) is a comprehensive two-day professional development conference designed to amplify the successes of Black professionals and empower them to create meaningful careers. We are excited to see you there and anticipate a transformative week of growth and networking opportunities.

For the 2024 Mid-Level Managers’ Symposium, join The Executive Leadership Council on a journey where we reimagine the classics with the Black experience at the center. With no roadmap, we will have to blaze our own path. It will be hard work, but the rewards are beyond estimation—just like the bonds that will connect us as we travel and climb together. Join us in reimagining the classics; because our future awaits… as it always has… in our past.

The ultimate virtual component – a captivating live stream of our in-person mainstages, enriched with virtual only exclusive Conversations From The Top conversations and unique engaging fireside chats.